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 dangers with toys for chidren

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PostSubyek: dangers with toys for chidren   Mon Dec 17, 2007 3:44 pm

by Drsanjay woodhull counsltant paediatric
CONSULTANT paediatric DR sanjay said he has never had a patient present with lead toxicity.this maybe because no one looks for it he admits as lead poisoning symptoms are very non specific,he however wants to talk about the worst toy related accident he's seen: not a lead coated one but an ordinary tricycle A three years olddrowned after the tricyle he was riding on tipped over and fell into a swiming pool the point said Dr sanjay.W wants to make is no toy is risk free parents have to consider all toys from safety point of view and not just focus on what the media is highlighting as the latest product being recalled For instance, he says most countries in the W baby walkers and strongly hope all countries will do the same soon children need to see their feet to develop association when the walk.with a Walker,they becomes very mobile yet can't really see that their feet are the one doing all the work,and the chances of walkers tipping over is high .it only takes a brief distraction,when the caretaker answers the phone call ,for an accident happen we tend to see serious head injuries with skull fractures
dr sanjay,W said also wories about the shoes with wheels in the them:"Parents who choices to buy such shoes must also buy protectives gear,just as they would if they gave their child skateboardds or roller blades.''We had a child come in recently with a fractured wrist after a fall while wearing these shoes Non profit AMERICAN research group KIDS in Danger (KID) has been tracking recalled products since 2001and recording which ones cause the most harm.KID,too,would probably agree that parent should not obsess over the latest"fashionable danger,lead because what tops its lists as the most dangerous toy is not connected to lead at all:it's something called leap frog playgrounds and over the past six years,no other product has left more crawling children with scrapes and bruises lead,again does not figure prominetly on worst toys Listof2007 recorded by World Against Toys Harm(WATCH)a non profit coporation founded by Edwawd.M swartz a well known American trial lawyer and child saftey consumer advocate AT,it is a product that has ingestible toxic substances that heads the list: there have been two reports of children who had ingested the small coloured state"requiring hospitalisation The recall notice issued by the US consumer product safety Commision (CPSC) the organisation responsible for product safety in AMERICAN and singapore said that the coating on the beads'' contains a chemical than can turn toxic when many are ingested'' Next on list was magnetized iron ore" followed by a rigid plastic dagger .access the full list
WHAT organisations like KID and WATCHare saying is that parents have to be eagle-eyed all the time and not focus on just one aspect of toy saftey. for information Very Happy
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dangers with toys for chidren
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